Can the Cull

What do you do when you need to make an important decision?

Most people look at the facts available and base their decision on them.

That’s why it’s all more the shocking that the Tories and Liberal Democrats have decided to proceed with the culling of badgers – against both the scientific evidence and the weight of public opinion.

Bovine TB is a terrible disease that last year led to 25,000 cows being put down. The trouble is that that Government’s plans will not help tackle the disease.

Click here to stand up for the science-led approach to tackling TB – demand that we Can the Cull


One Reply to “Can the Cull”

  1. Culling Badgers is a disgrace as there is no actual proof that they cause TB in cattle. Its time someione did something about this situation someone with a bit of sence would be good. Cattle are getting TB from somewhere so WHY not have all calfs vaccinated against TB when they are born.???????????????This would solve the probelm all round.

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