Fine and ban for man who kept illegal snares and neglected dog

An Annan man who neglected his dog and possessed illegal snares has been fined £1500 and banned from keeping animals for five years.

Annan man kept illegal snares and failed to provide veterinary treatment for his dog.
Animal welfare charity the Scottish SPCA welcomed the sentence at Dumfries Sheriff Court on Wednesday

Carl Conroy, 21, from Eastriggs admitted that on June 15 2010 he had in his possession illegal self-locking snares and an electronic bird caller used to attract birds in order to kill them.

Conroy was also found guilty of failing to provide veterinary treatment to his male lurcher between 15 May and 15 June 2010.

The slaughterman was warned he faces 45 days imprisonment if he fails to make payment and ordered to pay £750 in compensation to the Scottish SPCA.

Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said: “Self-locking snares cause animals a great deal of pain and suffering.

“During our investigation we also discovered an electronic bird caller in Conroy’s possession which he admitted was used to attract birds such as crows in order to shoot them.

“Conroy also used his dog to hunt and it had sustained a serious injury to its nose and lower jaw, with its nose effectively having been ripped off.

“Despite the obvious pain his dog was suffering Conroy did not seek veterinary treatment.

“Thankfully his dog made a full recovery and will be rehomed somewhere he will receive the care and attention he deserves.

“The fine and compensation orders are substantial and we are pleased a ban on keeping animals has been imposed.

“We would like to thank the Procurator Fiscal for her determination in pursuing this case.”


2 Replies to “Fine and ban for man who kept illegal snares and neglected dog”

  1. Yet again the Law in an ASS. This evil bastard should have gone to prison for a long time and also fined very very heavily, if he has a home he should have lost it. This sort of SCUM will never change and he will be murdering animals again as son as he can. These stupid little fines are ridiculous, the punishment has to HURT the person, very very heavy fines and long prison sentences.

    1. Clearly not his day for the brain cell! A bully and a dick head. The two are intertwined forever! No man is cruel to anything that can not defend itself. The great man Ghandi said that the measure of a nation can be judged by the way it treats it’s animals. This moron was obviously at the botom of the pile! A coward.

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