Cockfighting man from Norwich wins appeal against animal ban

A Norwich man who set up a cockfighting training farm at his parents’ home and ran cruel and illegal fights has successfully appealed his five-year ban on keeping all animals and instead has had a lifetime ban on keeping poultry imposed.

Trevor Hall
Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall, 45, admitted five charges of holding cock fights, taking part in cockfights and being present at a cockfight at an earlier hearing at Norwich magistrates court and was given a 18 week suspended sentence and a five month curfew and ordered to pay £250 costs. He was also given a five year ban on keeping all animals and it was this aspect of his sentence that he successfully appealed against at Norwich Crown Court today.

His barrister, Michael Clare said that it had been agreed that the order should be amended just to cover keeping poultry.

“The sentence should be amended so that he has a lifetime ban from keeping poultry which is more pertinent to the issues in this case.”

Judge Martin Binning agreed and altered the order so that it was now a lifetime ban on keeping poultry.

During the prosecution, brought by the RSPCA, the court heard that in a joint operation the RSPCA and Norfolk police carried out a search at Hall’s parents’ home at Horsham St Faiths and his girlfriend’s home in Vale Green, Mile Cross, Norwich in August, last year.

Among items seized was a collection of cockfighting books, including “The art of training fighting cocks”, DVDs and videos and he had also taken his own film of cockerels fighting.

At the earlier hearing the court heard that there were 10 birds suspected of being involved in cockfighting and these were also seized and Hall later agreed to hand them over to the RSPCA.

Hall had claimed that he was forced into holding the cockfights by Travellers, who threatened the safety of his girlfriend and parents.

After the case in the magistrates, RSPCA Insp Ben Kirby said: “Cockfighting is a notoriously difficult offence to investigate because of its underground nature.

“The RSPCA is becoming more pro-active in fighting this offence and we will prosecute whenever we get the opportunity.”

One Reply to “Cockfighting man from Norwich wins appeal against animal ban”

  1. What an evil face this man has, this wicked cruel man should never be allowed to have any animal ever again. The law in this Country is an ASS, people like this bastard get away with all sorts and it is not right. He is a murderer after all and should be treated as one.

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