Article on North Wales gamekeeper

Please can you post a comment or send a letter about the article below, I have never read so much rubbish in my life.

Gamekeeping is a way of life


2 Replies to “Article on North Wales gamekeeper”

  1. Doesn’t this article just show what liars cheats and murderers these gamekeepers are along with the hunting brigade ?????? I left a comment, I am surprised that not more people have had their say. This article should not have been put in the paper as this evil cretin is leading people the wrong way saying that gamekeepers do all these wonderfull things for conservation, people don’t know the real side of things and how evil these people are and how they torture and murder innocent animals.

  2. Haha you people are hilarious to read about trying to find ways to frame keepers when we do more good for this countryside than you cabbage scoffers!

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