Gamekeeper fined for wilfully killing badger

A GAMEKEEPER has been fined after admitting wilfully killing a badger.

David Stephen Welford, 43, of Thornthorpe, Malton, was sentenced yesterday at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court following the incident in Laysikes Wood, Menethorpe, last September. He was fined £385 and ordered to pay £100 costs, with a £15 victim surcharge.

Jean Thorpe, of Ryedale Badger Group, said she hoped the sentence would send out a message to others that such crimes would result in prosecution.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police added: “Protecting our wildlife is something we will continue to do in partnership with other agencies. If anyone knows of people committing this type of offence they should contact North Yorkshire Police or Crimestoppers straight away.”


3 Replies to “Gamekeeper fined for wilfully killing badger”

  1. Is a badgers life only worth £385 and what does £15 victim charge mean???? The badger was the victim. Firstly this evil bastard David Welford should have gone to prison for murder, secondly he should have been fined in the thousands and thirdly he should have been removed from his job and never been allowed near any animal ever again and also his gun licence should have been rebuked. When will the sentences in this Country fit the crime.

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