Isle of Wight Hunt exposed yet again, video now on YouTube

Showing the violent and threatening nature of members of the Isle of Wight hunt towards hunt monitors, whose video cameras pose a threat to the hunt’s existence now hunting with dogs is banned.

2 Replies to “Isle of Wight Hunt exposed yet again, video now on YouTube”

  1. People who hunt and shoot and murder animals are sick nasty evil sadistic bastards. These people think they are above the law and carry on this murdering of defenceless animals whether or not they break the Law. They hate hunt monitors as this means they cannot do their evil deeds and I applaud anybody that is a hunt monitor, well done to you all. Hunting and shooting people are naturally violent as what they do to the poor animals is very very violent. I hate these people with a passion and wish them all a long and lingering painfull death when the time comes.

  2. I totally agree with Sonja Allen comments. These evil foulmouthed scum should be stopped,whatever it takes. We should let one them loose and get a pack of hounds to hunt them down.Give them a taste of their own medicine.

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