Forestry Commission Shoots Baby Boars

Baby wild boars and their mothers are being shot by the Forestry Commission in a bid to keep numbers down, despite a contraceptive vaccine having already proved ‘successful’ in the Forest of Dean population.

Boars have long been persecuted for digging up pristine lawns and eating wild bluebells. These shy animals were reintroduced to the UK – to be farmed and killed for their meat – after hunters killed all the wild-living boars. Some escaped from the farms and are now finally living a natural, free life. In 2008, a study found that giving the boar contraceptives worked, indicating that populations could be controlled harmlessly if it was deemed necessary. However, the study was extended and Defra has declined to give any information about when the contraceptives may be used. One local expert has suggested that some oppose the use of contraceptives because it would mean the animals’ meat could not be sold. Of course, if the populations were controlled this way, there should be no excuse to kill the boars and there would be no meat to sell.

While we wait for a meaningful answer from Defra and the Forestry Commission, the killing of newborn piglets continues.


Please contact Defra and the Forestry Commission and urge them to immediately suspend all boar culling and implement a contraceptive programme as soon as is practicable.

send a message to Defra

also send a message to the Forest of Dean Forestry Commission


One Reply to “Forestry Commission Shoots Baby Boars”

  1. This is just disgracefull but not surprising as the human race are lazy and blood thirsty hence instead of carrying on with the contraceptive method they just murder these innocent creatures, this being the easy way out. The creatures should not even be in this Country and to introduce an animal into a country to be hunted and murdered for their meat is appauling immoral and cruel. What boar are here should be left alone to live their lives and given the contraceptive and also NOT murdered for meat. Quite simple really.

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