Welsh huntsman guilty of battery against a pensioner


04 May 2011

Huw Green

A huntsman from the Tivyside Hunt in West Wales has today (Wednesday) been found guilty of battery against a pensioner.

Huw Green pled guilty at Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court after being charged with battery against 75 year old Michael Sharratt of Whitland, who was observing the hunt at the time. The altercation between Mr Green and Mr Sharrat, who was monitoring the hunt on behalf of the League Against Cruel Sports, took place on 13 November 2010.

Mr Green was fined £55, a £15 victim surcharge and ordered to pay £100 in costs.

League chief executive Douglas Batchelor said: “This is a dreadful case where a law abiding member of the public was set upon simply because he was observing a hunt. It is high time hunters accepted that they are not above the law and today’s verdict sends a strong message that law breaking is not tolerated. To attack a pensioner simply because he objects to the chasing and killing of foxes for sport is mindless and totally unacceptable”.

Watch the video here


One Reply to “Welsh huntsman guilty of battery against a pensioner”

  1. This is so typical of the hunting scum, they hunt illegally and when someone is monitoring it they turn nasty because they can’t carry on with law breaking and murdering innocent animals. A fine of £55 is an insult, this evil scum Green should have been made to pay at least a £1,000 to the poor pensioner and he should also have gone to prison or made to do community service. This stupid amount of money is nothing to these toffs, its a disgrace. But this case has shown these cretins that they are NOT against the LAW as most of them seem to think they are. Time hunting and shooting was banned completely for ever.

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