Calum Murray ‘killed lover Sophie Taylor’ while cleaning gun

Trainee gamekeeper Calum Murray is believed to have been cleaning his gun when he accidentally shot his girlfriend before killing himself.

Calum Murray shot himself after accidentally killing girlfriend while cleaning his gun

It is thought Mr Murray shot Sophie Taylor, 16, as she cooked dinner for him in a remote Scottish cottage.

The 18-year-old then went to the front porch and turned it on himself.

Dru McPherson, 50, who employs Sophie’s mother, Katie, at his restaurant, said yesterday: ‘The story around the village is that there were two couples there and the males were cleaning their guns and they went off. It’s like a Greek tragedy up here.’

Mr Murray’s friend Allan Donald said the gamekeeper had not owned his firearm certificate for long before Tuesday’s shooting.

‘His mum and dad had chipped in to get him a hunting gun,’ he added.

His family said in a statement: ‘Calum was very passionate about his new career. He loved the outdoors, walking with his dogs in the hills and had shown a real flair and desire to progress with his gamekeeping.

‘Calum was much admired both by his family and his friends and we are very proud of all he had achieved. He will be loved and treasured forever.’

Workers on the Scottish estate near Tomintoul, Moray, where Mr Murray was training have told police he was reliable and considered responsible around firearms.

He and Miss Taylor became close after meeting at a Highland games event last summer.

There were some initial rumours sparked by Facebook comments that Sophie may have been thinking of ending their relationship.

Jenny Herschall, head of the village’s community association, said Miss Taylor’s father and grandfather were both gamekeepers.

‘Sophie was a very nice lassie, she had a nice family,’ she added.


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