Only 16 weeks, this is not a sentence its a holiday

Gamekeeper jailed for horrific fox attack

14th March 2011

A FORMER gamekeeper has been jailed for 16 weeks after he admitted filming an horrific attack by two dogs on a trapped fox.

The footage taken by Stephen Metcalfe on his mobile phone was so distressing that it made one of the magistrates cry when viewed in court.

The 32-year-old claimed he was not directly involved in the attack – but he refused to name the two other men involved.

Kevin Campbell, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said the unidentified men had caught the fox and were keeping it in a sack with its mouth bound.

He said they told Metcalfe they wanted him to film their dogs attacking it “for training”.

The fox was then held down by its neck by one of the men, with its mouth still tied, as the dogs repeatedly tore into it at the unnamed location.

It was later shot dead by one of the men, who are both known to Metcalfe.

He had previously worked as a gamekeeper for four years and was trained in humane methods of killing animals.

Metcalfe, of Cavey Garth, West Burton, near Leyburn, North Yorkshire, admitted causing unnecessary suffering and being present at an animal fight.

Granville Rooley, mitigating, told Northallerton magistrates that Metcalfe felt intimidated by the other two men and was not directly responsible for the incident.

Sentencing him to 16 weeks in prison, the magistrates told him that he had plenty of chances to walk away. He was also banned from keeping dogs for ten years.


3 Replies to “Only 16 weeks, this is not a sentence its a holiday”

  1. This evil scum should be put in the hands of animals rights, we would sort he out. What an evil bastard he is, he should have been flogged and then hung for what he did. I hope someone sorts him out one day, if this evil scum can do this to an innocent animal then the public should be allowed to do do what ever to him. 16 weeks for torturing and murdering this beautifull creature sorry but that is not good enough he should have got at least 10 years and then when out should be made to sweep the roads or even better make him work to HELP wild life, he would hate that.

  2. The other man who’s voice can be heard in the video is will Watson. He is a game keeper on westerdale estate and he lives in westerdale village. I wonder what david ross of the carphone warehouse his employer would have to say about it!

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