Save the Tullos Hill Deer

E-MAIL FROM: John F. Robins, Campaigns Consultant, Animal Concern, Post Office Box 5178, Dumbarton G82 5YJ. Tel: 01389-841-639, Mobile: 07721-605521. Fax: 0870-7060327. Animal Concern incorporates the Scottish Anti-Vivisection Society which has been Campaigning for animals since 1876

Aberdeen City Council intend shooting circa 30 roe deer at Tullos Hill where the Council want to plant a new woodland and create new wildlife habitat. They are going to slaughter established wildlife to create a new wildlife habitat. If that is not madness Iā€™m Admiral Nelson. Heavily pregnant does and young fawns may be killed. The Council have admitted they are killing the deer rather than spend money on tree guards and fencing to protect the saplings for the first five years or so. The Council have also refused offers of advice on how to create the new woodland without killing deer.

Please sign our Petition against this slaughter. We want to raise at least 3,000 signatures ā€“ one hundred for every deer to be killed ā€“ by the end of March. We would also like as many people from Aberdeen as possible to sign up. Please circulate this request widely to your friends, on-line contacts and other circulation lists. Please help us save the Tullos Hill roe deer.

Thanks, John @ Animal Concern

If you are not already a member of Animal Concern please consider joining at . We must increase our number of members to show that we represent a good number of people and not just a number of good people.

2 Replies to “Save the Tullos Hill Deer”

  1. I have signed the petition with pleasure, what a disgrace these people are, what is the matter with some of the human race always wanting to murder wildlife for absolutely no good reason. There are some really sick bastards in this world. I hope this very cruel and unnecessary act does NOT go ahead.

  2. I feel I must take the time to express my disgust at the very bias nature of your protest. There is much important information relating to the councils reasons of culling these deer that are not mentioned anywhere in you literature. Our deer in Scotland are suffering a much worse demise that these deer if measures are not taken to control numbers. Our (humans) actions throughout history have ensured that the balance of suitable habitat and deer numbers have become unsustainable, we have to look at the bigger picture and look to the future to try and establish regenerated habitat in order to provide ‘native’ populations of wildlife with a secure habitat. I must commend the Scottish Government for their policy on regenerating woodland the country over, only by working together to this end will we reach anything like the balance that nature gave us all those centuries before.

    I must point out a few blaring errors in your thinking.

    If you fence an area off to keep the deer out, where do the deer find the food required surviving a hard winter?

    If you tube the saplings that are planted, what do the deer browse on when there is deep snow cover on the ground?

    I have noticed from reading the biased literature that residents of Aberdeen have been feeding the deer for years, why is it do you suppose that they need to be fed? Could it possibly be that there numbers are so great that the area they are living in cannot sustain a population at the current numbers you have?

    Why do you think there are the numbers of deer living so close to the city and interacting with humans? Does this not suggest that there are far too many deer in Scotland because of the lack of natural predators? This is not normal behaviour for a ‘wild’ animal.

    Are trees an effective way to help control the amount of co2 we pump into the atmosphere from your activities in the city of Aberdeen? Will a tree planted for every citizen in Aberdeen not help to offset your carbon footprint and help us reach the targets set by the Scottish Government to become a carbon free country?

    These are just some of the questions that need to be answered before anyone can comment on the actions of Aberdeen City Council, these topics need debate and expert views to to be decided, the answers then need to be subjected to peer reviews and scientific analysis before they can be considered sound. As far as I can see, the only group that has gone through this process is ACC though there contact with SNH and NTS. I will be the first one to suggest that not all of SNH and NTS’s methods and projects are right, but I know for a fact that they are the ones with the sound and researched information at their disposal, they are also the ones out there doing the work on the ground, the ones trying differing methods in various areas of Scotland while working with private estates and estates owned by organisations such as the John Muir Trust. It is through pioneering work like that of JMT in their Nevis Estate to regenerate habitat that will eventually lead to a Scotland that has a nature/human balance that will give fantastic animals like the Roe Deer on Tullos Hill a chance. We have made a complete mess of this planet, and it is radical thinking like that of ACC and a determination to push such policies through that will lead to a sustainable future; not knee jerk reactions from people who are not qualified to comment on matters such as this. If you want to protect nature, then learn enough about it to ensure you are not hindering those that are able to do just that.

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