Group news January – March 2011

The Manchester Division of the NWHSA has had a largely enjoyable season. Often teaming up with colleagues on t’other side of the Peninnes we have been out every weekend (excepting weather cancellations) and even had a bit of mid week action.

We were there at the Grove and Rufford Foxhounds meet with a full van when over policing was taken to a new level – even to those sabs who had previous experiences of the Surrey Union back in the day, the numbers of cops that day was shocking.

We also attended a meet of the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Foxhounds hiking through the snow, surprising the huntsman who must have thought they’d have had a clear day with a foot of the white stuff on the ground. And we were out on the South Notts Hunt over the festive period when unattractive meat head support looked like they might really try and ruin our day until the hunt ruined theirs and packed up after two hours.

On new years day we went looking for the elusive Forest and District Beagles, previously thought possibly to be extinct until they appeared listed in this years dog and donkey hunting directory. Despite a good couple of hours trekking round some of their old meets we couldn’t find them but suffice to say we have our eyes on them for the future.

Our most recent visit to the Quorn Hunt was a near disaster when the back window of our new van shattered on the motorway . we found out that another group en route had also broken down. But we managed to got in the area, dropped sabs, got the van repaired and got back in to the fray to find an unhappy hunt which had barely been out of view of the sabs all day, result.

We have old sabs, we have new sabs, we now have a van so if you live in or near Manchester why not join us?

Please send an email to nwhuntsabs at if you want to go out sabbing.

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