Organised stag hunt foiled by PSNI


The USPCA and PSNI have seized a vehicle and trailer containing two stags which the USPCA believes were about to be released for hunting.

The practice, known as ‘carting’ is illegal and the hunting community has long maintained that it doesn’t exist.

The BBC’s Gordon Adair was there when the stags were rescued.


One Reply to “Organised stag hunt foiled by PSNI”

  1. Well done for catching this scum doing this illegal practice. The hunting community do nothing but lie, this sort of thing is going on all over as is hunting foxes etc, these bastards say they are drag hunting but they are really hunting for blood. This law on banned hunting should be made safer by making it an all out ban and thats means drag hunting as well. People can exercise their horses without murdering wild life. As far as the dogs go they should all be found new homes. All these hunt kennels should be closed immediately. I hope all who murder animals rot in hell one day.

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