Badger baiting thug appeals against term

Sicko Wayne Lumsden of Lynemouth, Northumberland

BADGER baiting sicko Wayne Lumsden is plotting an early release from prison.

The yob, jailed for animal cruelty, is fighting against his sentence.

Lumsden, 23, of Lynemouth, Northumberland, is to challenge a 26-week jail term given to him by magistrates for offences relating to badgers, foxes, dogs, cats and cocks.

Lumsden, of Park Road, has already submitted a notice of appeal to South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court, through solicitor Graham Crouth.

His challenge will be heard by a judge at Newcastle Crown Court, although staff there have yet to receive the paperwork for the case from magistrates, or set a date.

Lumsden was given the maximum jail term magistrates can impose having pleaded guilty to willfully killing a badger, and two counts of causing animals to fight.

He was also banned from keeping animals for 15 years.

Lumsden had appeared alongside Connor Patterson, 23, of Whitfield, who pleaded guilty to two counts of causing animals to fight.

The farm worker and former apprentice gamekeeper was sent to jail for 20 weeks and banned from keeping animals for eight years, for two counts of causing animals to fight.
The case against the pair had been brought by Northumbria Police and the RSPCA, whose prosecutor Denise Jackman claimed it covered a subject the wider public are “appalled” at.

The Bedlington court was shown a series of sick videos of dogs attacking a badger, cocks fighting, dogs attacking a cat, and dogs attacking foxes – resulting in the death of two foxes.

Lumsden’s dog was mentioned by name in the title of the clip “Brock and Scruff killing cat,” in which men could be heard saying “takes some killing” and “not much life in it now”.

Other footage showed a boot traced to Patterson standing on a fox’s neck while it was in a snare, with a stick being thrust into its mouth.

Another fox was shown in a cage with a dog being held by its ears. Magistrates also saw clips of the badger being restrained by a foot and a spade.

Lumsden also had photos of the cruelty, some of which appeared on his Bebo page, the court heard.

Patterson admitted he had a national diploma in countryside and game management, and had learned how to use snares and traps.

A vet who saw the videos said the pair appeared intent on causing the animals “the maximum amount of suffering” and they “appeared to take great delight in seeing the animals ripped to pieces”.

Sentencing the pair, chairman of the magistrates Jennifer Marley said: “This bench has an accumulated total of over 46 years of serving our community, never have we seen or witnessed such emphasis on the display of appalling cruelty to animals.”

2 Replies to “Badger baiting thug appeals against term”

  1. All this scum should have gone to prison for 6 years and fined £6.000 and when they came out of prioson they should be made to do community work HELPING animals. What utter crap these thugs are, this Lumsden thug should NOT be allowed to repeal against his prison sentence, the sentence he got was rubbish 26 weeks what a laugh. For goodness sake judges do your job give this scum sentences to fit the crime.

  2. I hope his baby is killed by one of his dogs. This worthless heap of crap should be put down never mind put in prison.

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