Gamekeeper in court

Head gamekeeper Nicholas Parker
Head gamekeeper Nicholas Parker

A MAN charged with illegally killing a wild bird is due to appear at Lynn Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, March 2.

Nicholas Parker, 41, of Main Road, Holkham, also faces a number of firearm offences.

Norfolk Police said he was charged following an investigation into offences relating to the Wildlife and Countryside Act, which he is accused of contravening.

He faces charges of killing a Schedule 1 wild bird and taking game out of season. He is also accused of possessing ammunition for a firearm without a certificate, possessing a shotgun or rifle for committing a wildlife offence and possessing a shotgun without a certificate.

Mr Parker was released on bail pending his appearance before the magistrates.


One Reply to “Gamekeeper in court”

  1. Well if this isn’t a case for imprisonment then I don’t know what is. This scum has done so many things against the Law he has to be punished severly. There have been so many cases recently of these evil cretins breaking the law and murdering wild life I have made a list of the people and I am sending it to Cameron and demanding that the Law is to pass severe punishment on this Scum. Mind you saying this he is one of them so won’t hold my breath.

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