Three bailed in animal cruelty probe

Police arrested three men in Keighley in a joint operation with the RSPCA to prevent animal cruelty in the area.

Officers raided five addresses yesterday following a long-running investigation.

The arrests included one for suspected poaching under the Deer Act, another for alleged animal welfare offences in connection with suspected badger baiting and for an alleged violation of the Wildlife and Countryside Act, and a third under the Animal Welfare Act in connection with injuries sustained to dogs. All three men were bailed.

Officers also recovered several animals including a hawk and five dogs, with bull, lurcher and terrier-type dogs taken to a local vet for treatment to facial injuries.

Police Chief Inspector Suzanne Akeroyd said: “We will always investigate allegations of cruelty.”

Police urged anyone with information to contact the RSCPA on 0300 1234999 or police on 0845 6060606.


One Reply to “Three bailed in animal cruelty probe”

  1. Scum of the earth these people are, I hope the sentence fits the crime when the time comes, not just pathetic fines. I hope that the animals taken away are not given back to these bastards, sounds like they are into dog fighting as well. This scum should be put down they are pure evil nasty people and no good to society at all, wipe them off the planet.

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