Three guilty of hunting a wild mammal with a dog

9th February 2011

Three men accused of illegal hunting with dogs have today been found guilty at Selby Magistrates Court, North Yorkshire. Mark Anthony Tiffin of Knottingley, West Yorkshire, Ben Scott Lloyd Galworthy of the same address and Neil Burlingham of Clifford near Wetherby were each given a conditional discharge for two years with Galworthy and Burlingham each ordered to pay £500.00 costs.

All three men were arrested in January last year after Mark Lewis, a member of Selby Badger Watch reported seeing three men with dogs and shovels close to a badger sett which he was monitoring.

The men denied they were hunting a wild mammal with a dog.

The Judge told the men that their stories were inconsistent whilst witnesses for the prosecution were credible and concise.

The two dogs, which had been examined by a vet at a cost of £2,092 were confiscated by the police but were later taken from the kennels by person or persons unknown.


Mark Anthony Tiffin, aged 20, of Knottingley, West Yorkshire is to appear at Selby Magistrates Court on 24th March 2011 charged with being present at an animal fight. It is alleged that Tiffin used his mobile phone to record images of the animal fight and he faces a number of charges relating to this incident.


One Reply to “Three guilty of hunting a wild mammal with a dog”

  1. Why are the sentences so light these evil bastards should have been fined a lot more and they should also have been made to do community service ie helping the wild life. Just shows what cretins these scum are having to lie like they do. Why can’t people leave the wild life alone are these people so short of things to do they have to go and murder innocent animals, they really are very sad people that need to get a life.

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