Sussex Police investigate second allegation of illegal fox hunting

Police are investigating a second allegation of illegal fox hunting in Sussex.

A fox was killed by hounds during an Old Surrey and Burstow hunt in West Chiltington on December 11.

It is believed it died during a legal artificial trail hunt following an invitation by the Crawley and Horsham Hunt (CHH) to ride in their “country”. The latest allegation comes a day after The Argus revealed police are investigating the death of a fox during the CHH at Angmering Park.

Hunt organisers said the fox was caught by hounds accidentally as their dogs followed an artificial fox trail on January 11.

Sussex Police said they are continuing to investigate both incidents.

West Sussex Wildlife Protection (WSWP), who oppose hunting, said they filmed a fox being chased by hounds during part of the Old Surrey hunt.

The footage has been passed to police.

No one from the Old Surrey hunt was available for comment when The Argus went to print last night.


One Reply to “Sussex Police investigate second allegation of illegal fox hunting”

  1. More lies from these evil people, very easy for them to say the fox was caught “by accident” if anybody believes that then they are thick. It is time that hunting in any form was banned completely. As the law stands now this scum try and get away with their lies but if hunting was banned completely then they couldn’t, this includes drag hunting. Time for this evil practice to be put in the History books it is not acceptable anymore by most people. When the time comes to vote re the repeal it should be a public vote.

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