Sussex detectives investigate fox hunting claims

huntsman carries a dead fox
huntsman carries the dead fox


Police are investigating reports that huntsmen acted illegally when a fox was killed during a hunt.

Video footage submitted to The Argus appears to show hounds savaging a fox to death on a Sussex estate.

Organisers of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt have admitted that a fox was killed by hounds but said the animal was caught accidentally as dogs followed an artificial trail.

Members of West Sussex Wildlife Protection, who shot the footage, said hunters “blew the kill” – a long note blown on a horn, that marks a catch.

They said hunters would not have done so if the fox’s death had been accidental.

But a spokesman for the hunt said the noise was made because a huntsman got “a little excited”.

Police went to the estate near Arundel after the kill was reported.

Read the full story in today’s Argus.


One Reply to “Sussex detectives investigate fox hunting claims”

  1. These people are liars and scumbags and some of the nastiest people on the planet. Correct me if I am wrong but is it not the law that these bastards can only hunt with two dogs and when a fox is sniffed out it has to be shot immediately?????So why are these people out with packs of hounds its ridiculous as dogs that are trained to KILL will not follow a false trail if they smell something else. So drag hunting with packs should not be allowed. Most of the time this evil scum say they are drag hunting put really are not.

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