Fox Killed by Crawley and Horsham Hunt

Hunt Monitors from a West Sussex-based fox and badger protection group had to witness a fox being chased and killed.

Hunt with Fox
Fox Killed by Crawley and Horsham Hunt

Yesterday at a meet nr Arundel, West Sussex Hunt Monitors witnessed the Crawley & Horsham Hunt chase and kill a fox. The Hunt was heard encouraging the hounds and blowing for the kill yet still had the cheek to tell Hunt Monitors it was only an accident.

The Hunt threw the fox to the Hounds. Hunt Monitors made their persence known and the fox was given to a quadbike rider. He panicked and drove off leaving a monitor to grab the fox. Seconds later the Hunt returned with supporters to obtain possession of the fox. They placed it into a bag and dumped it somewhere.

Sussex Police were called through 999 however they seem reluctant to enforce the Hunting Act. When called through 999, Sussex Police failed to attend. A spokesman for the West Sussex Animal Cruelty Investigations Team said: “The law is simply a joke. Sussex Police have failed in their duty yet again. I cannot comment further on the police enquiry.”

The press and media have also been informed about this incident. We except it to be displayed on television in due course. A spokesman for the Animal Cruelty Investigations Team continued on to say: “Without police support, a publicity campaign is the only way we can expose Crawley and Horsham. Hunt Monitors will be out at every Hunt Meets and are always looking for support. We thank our supporters for their continued support.”


One Reply to “Fox Killed by Crawley and Horsham Hunt”

  1. Evil cheating lying scum that is what these people are, they are breaking the law all the time and seem to be getting away with it in some cases. Why are these bastards allowed to get away with hunting with dogs as it is now banned. Seems to me these people just don’t give a stuff about the law and give two fingers to it. When caught these people should go to prison for a long stretch and should also be made to pay a very large fine and when they come out of prison should be tagged permanently. If not sent to prison then community work of the worst is what they should do.

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