Are you troubled by your local hunt or shoot?

Are you troubled by your local hunt?
Are you troubled by your local hunt?

Are you troubled by your local hunt?

Are  you  concerned  about  the  activities  or  threatened  activities  of  certain  hunts  or  individuals associated or connected with hunts? Are those activities, whether or not involving the pursuit of our native wildlife, likely to pose a threat to you, your family, livestock, pets or property?

If  the  answer  is  “yes”  then  we  hope  that  the  information  in  this  document will  be  of  use  to  you  in explaining your rights and the practical steps that you should take if, you have the misfortune to suffer  the  wanton  destruction  wreaked  by  hunters  and  their  hounds  running  amok  across  land which you own or occupy.

This  document  is  however  intended  as  a  guide  only  and  should  not  be  regarded  as  an authoritative statement of law. If you do find yourself involved in a dispute with the hunt or any individuals connected with hunting then it is recommended that you seek professional advice from a solicitor who can advise you fully on your legal position and the remedies which are available to you. It is also important that you should contact the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) which keeps a record of all disputes involving hunts, and who may be able to advise you on the next best course of action.

Download – Troubled_by_the_Hunt

Are you troubled by your local shoot?

Animal Aid has published what is probably the most comprehensive practical guide to ‘gamebird’ shooting and the problems it presents to people living in the vicinity of shoots. Most importantly, How to Oppose Shooting: A Practical Guide offers clear advice on how human victims of so-called sport shooting can curb the worst excesses and seek remedies.

The guide has been produced because the number of people who have approached Animal Aid over the last two years, complaining of shoot-related problems, has risen dramatically. The reason for the upsurge is probably, in part, due to the increasing number of birds now produced every year to be shot for sport (nearly 50 million pheasants and partridges).

Included in the 38-page, fully-illustrated, online document are sections describing: different types of shooting and their seasons; ‘predator’ and ‘pest’ control; firearms law; the law relating to trespass, sporting rights and local planning; how shoots are taxed and how those taxes are often evaded; the key shooting magazines and lobby groups; and sample campaign letters.

Equally important are the series of case studies. These describe what members of the public have had to contend with and come with practical advice that serves as a guide to any reader troubled by a shoot.

Download How to Oppose Shooting A Practical Guide


There is also a guide published by LACS if you’re having trouble with your local shoot then why not download their guide also on what you can do, or call our crimewatch line on 01483 524250.

Download Troubled_by_the_shoot


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