First Night of Royal Parks Deer Shoots Leads to No Kills

Pressure mounts against Royal Parks deer shoots

Yesterday was the start date for the ‘culls’ of deer in the Royal Parks, which is set to last a fortnight. Red and fallow deer will be shot in this senseless slaughter, with their carcasses sold onto top end restaurants to be eaten by the rich. This brings in over £25,000 for the Royal Parks and other methods could be used to control the population, instead of killing the deer. Three Royal Parks are involved – Richmond being the largest, then Greenwich and Bushy.

Security has been upped during the period of the ‘cull’ in an attempt to keep the killing secret, with over twenty guards patrolling the site in bicycle teams, jogging teams and in two motor vehicles. However, this has not stopped local hunt saboteurs who are determined to bring about an end to this pointless slaughter of animals. Last night was the first night of the cull, and hunt saboteurs were active in patrolling Richmond Park, with a number of different teams across the area. The park security knew sabs were in the area, however were unable to find us and this resulted in no shooting happening on that night.

Deer shoots are easy to stop, even with a handful of people. All you need is some noise making equipment, such as airhorns and whistles, flashlights and letting the shooters know you are in the area. Sabs are continuing patrols in all three Royal Parks, from dusk until dawn each day, throughout the period of the cull.

Bushy Deer


One Reply to “First Night of Royal Parks Deer Shoots Leads to No Kills”

  1. Well done to everyone concerned you have done a really good job, to stop these evil cretins from murdering the wild life is just great.

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