Animal rights protest at George Osborne’s office

Animal rights protest at George Osborne’s office
Animal rights protest at George Osborne’s office

ANIMAL rights campaigners protested outside Tatton MP George Osborne’s constituency office on Saturday.

Members of the anti-hunting group Fight Against Cameron Cruelty Threat (FACCT) displayed banners outside the Chancellor’s Knutsford office in Manchester Road.

The campaigners were inspired to stage a peaceful protest following the Guardian’s front page story about hare coursing.

In August, we reported that there had been a spate of illegal hare coursing incidents in Pickmere and Tabley.

The controversial blood sport involves pitting dogs against each other to hunt down wild hares.

Campaigners were protesting because the Government has promised a Parliamentary motion to reverse the ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales.

Katherine Green, of FACCT, said: “Recently the Knutsford Guardian covered a story about hare coursing in the Tatton area, describing it as evil and horrible.

“Conservatives claim that it is a bad law and unenforceable, yet with more than 130 convictions that is simply not the case.

“The only people it is a bad law to are those who wish to inflict suffering on animals for entertainment.”

Hare coursing advocates say the ‘sport’ helps in the conservation of hare populations.


One Reply to “Animal rights protest at George Osborne’s office”

  1. Hare coursing helps the conservation of Hares what a load of crap these people talk. Any excuse so they can murder wild life these people are evil sadisitic nasty cruel people and most definately descendants of SATAN. Hare coursing must be abolished it is disgracefull, I would like to see all these people who abuse animals left on Safari with NO WEAPONS to defend themselves and hope that some wild animal will chase them and tare them to bits the evil cretins.

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