Hunt terrierman charged with interfering with a badger sett

A hunt terrierman is being prosecuted for an offence under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 following an incident on 7th April 2010 when it is alleged a badger sett was interfered with. Investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports were monitoring the South Devon Foxhounds when Andrew Bellamy was spotted allegedly interfering with the sett. The incident was caught on film by League investigators, and this was later passed to Devon & Cornwall Police.

Bellamy – whose wife is the master of the Spooner’s & West Dartmoor Foxhounds – has been bailed to appear before South Devon Magistrates Court in Newton Abbot on 14th September.

The League – which recently announced a £1million campaign against repeal of the Hunting Act – says that there is an average of one conviction every fortnight under the Hunting Act. A spokesman said that the League’s investigations work was ‘essential’ and he described their work as a “rural equivalent of neighbourhood watch”.


One Reply to “Hunt terrierman charged with interfering with a badger sett”

  1. I hope they throw the book at this nasty sadistic man and also his nasty and sadistic wife these sort of people are no good to society at all hang them from the nearest tree that is what I would like to see done, vigilante groups dealing with ALL animal abusers these people have to be taught a lesson the law in this Country is an ass and they know they will get away with just a fine it is just not acceptable.

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