‘Blood Still on the Wire’ exposes grim reality of snaring in Scotland

The League Against Cruel Sports has released shocking new evidence exposing the horrific suffering inflicted by snares and other traps to animals on shooting estates in Scotland.

A graphic film and report, both titled ‘Blood Still on the Wire’ are being released to coincide with the start of the grouse shooting season. The ‘Glorious Twelfth’ traditionally celebrates the first day of shooting but the League is using this to highlight the terrible suffering caused by snares on estates rearing game birds for shooting.

Both the film and report document how the recently introduced Snaring (Scotland) Order 2010 has done very little to eradicate the threat snares pose to the welfare of animals. League investigators visited a number of estates in Scotland between May and July this year as part of wider investigations to expose the reality of the shooting industry.

Among the worst findings is footage of a live badger, found struggling, injured and exhausted after being trapped in a snare on land used for shooting near Roxburgh in the Borders. The Scottish SPCA was able to treat the animal’s injuries, which was later released back into the wild, but as the film and report show, many other animals are not so lucky.

League spokeswoman Louise Robertson said: “The League has said over and over again that regulating snaring will not solve any problems and yet despite new, supposed stricter regulations, our investigators have found countless examples of unacceptable suffering. The only way to prevent animals suffering horrific injuries and slow, painful deaths is for a complete ban on all snares in Scotland. It’s time the Scottish Government listened to public opinion and addressed the problem rather than continuing with these farcical regulations”.

Download ‘Blood Still on the Wire’http://www.league.org.uk/uploads/media/28/7582.pdf



One Reply to “‘Blood Still on the Wire’ exposes grim reality of snaring in Scotland”

  1. I have seen these videos and they are truly disgracefull, snares should be banned world wide they are cruel and unnecessary, I hope one of these cretins that shoots gets caught in a snare one day. The video showing these evil people shooting and the birds falling from the sky and still alive when they hit the ground and just left in pain it is truly disgusting and something should be done about this it is just not acceptable. Pheasants are not popular to eat anymore and I have heard that these evil of evil people still shoot and then bury the birds in a pit, I ask you what sort of person wants to be so cruel to these beautifull birds they are truly sadistic people and I hate them with a vengence. Hunting shooting and fishng should be banned world wide and leave these beautifull creatures to live in peace. I hope everybody who is involved in any blood sports suffers hornendous pain in there lives and have a very nasty death.

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