Lockerbie man faces badger pesticide charge

A man from Lockerbie has been appeared in court on charges of interfering with a badger sett.

William Scobie, 75, of Whitehills Avenue, is alleged to have put the banned pesticide Cymag in the entrance to the sett at nearby Jardine Hall.

He is also accused of obstructing access to the sett and storing the pesticide in a locked filing cabinet.

The case at Dumfries Sheriff Court was continued without plea until 16 August.


One Reply to “Lockerbie man faces badger pesticide charge”

  1. This Scobie man is a disgrace he must be one nasty sadistic bastard to do such a wicked thing, this sort of cruelty to animals is getting worse by the day and a law must be brought in to deal very severly with these cretins a very hefty fine and a very long jail term. Personally if I got hold of him I would tie him down and force feed him this vile poison and then he can feel the pain and death like the animals he has tortured in this way.

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