Owner of ‘demon dogs’ told he could be jailed

Pitbull on treadmill

A TATTOOIST could be facing a prison sentence after being convicted of keeping an illegal pit bull for dog fighting.

After deliberating for more than five hours, magistrates in Cwmbran convicted David Braddon, 47, of Glyn Llwysen, Llanbradach, of three offences.

The father-of-five was found guilty of keeping or training a dog for use in connection with animal fighting, having articles for use in connection with animal fighting and causing unnecessary suffering to a dog.

He was found not guilty of four charges of keeping or training a dog for use in connection with fighting and not guilty of one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog. He admitted five charges of owning a banned breed.

The chairwoman of the magistrates Kathleen Starr warned “custody obviously has to be considered”.

The sentencing was adjourned for reports and Braddon was remanded on bail.

Prosecutor Nicholas Sutton, acting for the RSPCA, said the offences came to light when the police and RSPCA had searched Braddon’s home in March last year.

During that search they found five pit bull terriers.

There were also items of dog- fighting paraphernalia including two treadmills, allegedly used in training the dogs for fights.

They also found three books, The Complete Pitbull or Staffordshire Terrier, Terrier Dogs etc and Dogs of Velvet and Steel alongside some weighing scales and a bottle of animal antibiotic duplocillin, which only vets are authorised to use.

During Braddon’s three-day trial, expert Alison Robson described the pit bull as “the dog- fighting dog par excellence”.

One of the dogs had 42 scars and she said that such injuries would have occurred during fighting.

She told the Cwmbran magistrates the dogs were “a handful and incredibly strong”, and warned they could kill babies and small children and could do serious damage to an adult.

Braddon said he admired the breed and had never taken any of the dogs to a fight.

The treadmills, he said, were to exercise them for their wellbeing.

“I have never been involved in any illegal activity with a dog and I certainly didn’t involve myself in dog fighting,” he said.

He added: “The RSPCA has had a witch hunt of people who own pit bull terriers.”

He said: “All they’re interested in is destroying the animals.”

He also said: “They are demonised like some devil dog.”



3 Replies to “Owner of ‘demon dogs’ told he could be jailed”

  1. What a cretin this evil person is he’s the one thats demonised not the dog he is the devil that has made the dog the way it was people like him are a disgrace and should be locked up for life. Personally I would like to see this idiot put in a den of lions and see how he likes being mauled. Throw him in jail for life he is a waste of space and no good to society what so ever.

  2. Why is this article called owner of demon dogs? I am surprised that a hunt Sab page would run such an inflammatory article title. Pitbulls are not demon dogs, far from it! The devils are the ones who fight them. These poor dogs will now all be killed because of a stupid law that bans a dog based on it’s looks.

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