Protest Against the Badger Killers – Leeds

Fight thr badger cull


Thomson Ecology is the company responsible for surveying for badgers and sett locations prior to the Welsh Assembly badger killing due to start any day now, i.e. these people are finding out where the badgers are and where best to trap them, then passing the information directly onto the badger killers at WAG who will cage trap them and shoot them. Thomson Ecology may as well be pulling the trigger!

Join us outside its new Yorkshire office in Leeds to tell them what the public thinks of its involvement in the slaughter of innocent badgers, which are supposed to be a protected species. Bad farming practices and the dairy industry are to blame for the spread of TB in cattle, not badgers! Scientific government research has already proven that culling badgers has no positive effect on the number of TB outbreaks in dairy herds.

Demo from 12noon onwards – Friday 18th June at Thomson Ecology, Calls Wharf, 2 The Calls, Leeds, LS2 7JU (Tel: 0113 247 3780)

There will also be a demo on the same day at the Cardiff Office, organised by Bristol Animal Rights.

Please bring banners, placards and lots of noise!

For more info contact West Yorkshire Animal Rights, details below:

Tel: 0113 2787444
Mobile: 07955 234194


One Reply to “Protest Against the Badger Killers – Leeds”

  1. I have said for years that its bad farming practices etc are to blame for TB in cattle. How is it that only cows seem to get this not sheep or pigs or horses or goats these animals are all out on the fields like the cows in the Summer Months. Also how do cows that never go out in a field get TB????? So many questions unanswered. After the scientific research has said no proof that badgers are responsible for TB these people then surely should not by law be allowed to carry out a cull.

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