David Camerons first day as PM

David Camerons first day as PM

6 Replies to “David Camerons first day as PM”

  1. It will be a sad day for wildlife if, which seems inevitable that Cameron becomes PM.
    The majority of the british people are opposed to hunting and believe that animals deserve our respect and should not be killed for some peverse pleasure.


  2. If Tories and Lib Dem have a coalition and the libs are against hunting etc would Cameron still be able to repeal the ban I don’t know but am trying to find out. Oh gosh I hope this repeal does not happen there should be a public vote on this as most of the general public are against all this horendous cruelty and after all these so called polititions are working for us so we should have the last say.

  3. Anita I could not agree more with your comment and here is hoping that the good majority of MP’s will not allow us to go backwards in time. I know that I for one will continue to lobby hard to stop the hunting ban from being overturned. I would hope that his voice alone would not be powerful enough to upset that which we have all waited so long to have made into law. Not that so many of the ‘hunts’ have been honourable and upheld law – they seem to run under their own rules and regulations ! We need stronger protection laws for our wildlife ( and the domestic animals who have been victims of the ‘hunt’ as well ), not fewer !

    There are many of us who live in the countryside, who in no way endorce or will tolorate any kind of bloodsports !

  4. Yes I live in the Countryside there is not any hunting here (Poaching does go on) but a lot of shooting in the Winter months. I live in the Countryside because I like peace and quiet and I have a lot of rescue animals but cannot stand any killing of animals. I wanted a law banning hunting at all full stop and also I would like to see shooting stopped. Cameron is a nasty man and I know he has been getting as many pro hunt people into constituencies so when they vote there will be plenty to vote for a repeal, oh what is the matter with the human race that they want to be so cruel to innocent animals it’s a disgrace. These hunt people are the dreggs of society breaking the law by still hunting with more than two dogs The LACS have taken a lot of them to court these people think they are above the law they are a just simply pure evil.

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