Welsh badger cull surveyors found

Thomson Ecology is the company responsible for surveying for badgers and sett locations prior to the Welsh Assembly badger killing due to start this month, i.e. these people are finding out where the badgers are and where best to trap them, then passing the information directly onto the badger killers at Welsh Assembly Group. Please contact them to politely tell them what you think of their behaviour. Or maybe you would like to demo them as well?

Thompson Ecology: http://thomsonecology.com

Head Office
Compass House
60 Priestley Road

Tel: 01483 466000
Fax: 01483 303182
Email: enquiries@thomsonecology.com
Laura Prosser: laura.prosser@thomsonecology.com
Libby Crew: libby.crew@thomsonecology.com
Richard Arnold: Richard.Arnold@thomsonecology.com

Yorkshire Office
94-96 Pegholme
Wharfebank Business Centre
Ilkley Road
West Yorkshire
LS21 3JP

Tel: 01943 467731
Fax: 01943 467472
Gordon Haycock: gordon.haycock@thomsonecology.com
Caroline McParland: caroline.mcparland@thomsonecology.com

No mention of them helping the badger killers on their website, we wonder why?: http://www.thomsonecology.com/page/badgers

—- ooo —

Also contact their sister company – Thomson Habitats: http://www.thomsonhabitats.com/

Thomson Habitats Ltd,
Compass House,
60 Priestley Road,

Tel: +44 (0)1483 466066
Fax:+44 (0)1483 303182
Email: enquiries@thomsonhabitats.com
Gemma Cooke: gemma.cooke@thomsonhabitats.com
Phil Watkins: phil.watkins@thomsonhabitats.com


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