David Cameron backs the culling of badgers

Another reason not to vote Conservative


Mr Cameron said he was prepared to support “targeted culling” of the animals to prevent them spreading bovine tuberculosis to cows and other farm animals.

He said a Conservative government would support a policy in England based on that already put in place by the Welsh Assembly.

Wales is embarking on the first badger cull in two decades in an attempt to control the spread of Bovine TB.

Farmers leaders have backed a cull in England but Labour rejected the move, saying it wants to experiment with vaccinating badgers against the disease.

The National Farmers Union says that more than 150,000 cattle have been slaughtered because of bovine TB during the past decade.

Mr Cameron told voters in Plymouth, Devon, that he was prepared to sanction the selective trapping and killing of badgers to combat the disease.



One Reply to “David Cameron backs the culling of badgers”

  1. Here we go again another person without a brain and he thinks he could run the Country he couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery. Why badgers are always blamed for TB when it is intensive farming that causes TB in cattle why can’t the human race leave the wild life alone. Farmers get your act together and look after your cattle. Cows are always in through the Winter so I an wondering how they can get TB when not out in the fields?????????????????God help this Country if Cameron gets into power.

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