Hunt is not above the law

CLEARLY again we see the hunting ban has not stopped hunts going out with a load of dogs out of control, this time invading Delamere Park Estate, along with riders, quad bikes and followers in pursuit of their victim – a fox this time They should not of course be following the scent of an animal at all but be on a drag hunt where a scent trail is left (not of an animal) which takes the dogs, the riders and the followers over a safe route not crossing roads, railway lines or housing estates.

Recently dogs from the Beaufort Hunt were killed by a train as they too were not following the drag hunt scent trail but were chasing a fox The man in charge of the hunt causing trouble in Delamere said it had never happened before – which I think is what all hunts say since the hunt ban but of course I don’t believe it.

Hunts continue to behave as though they are above the law, encouraged by a legal system that continues to treat them as if they are.

NICKY BROOKS Billinge Green


One Reply to “Hunt is not above the law”

  1. Well I would not expect anything less from these nasty people they have defied the hunting ban since it came in. They do think they are above the law but a lot have been prosecuted. When the law was brought in it should have gone further and had an outright ban on any kind of hunting. These evil hunt people will always come up with some excuse when caught breaking the law but if it had been an outright ban they would not have a leg to stand on.

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