Mum’s anger as deer shot in Ribble Valley

A MUM-OF-TWO has called for a ban on shooting animals in public after her children witnessed the “brutal” killing of a deer in the Ribble Valley.

Emma Pratt, was travelling to her relatives with her one-year-old son Johnny and daughter Amber, 10, when they came across shooters in West Dockber Farm in Sawley.

The 32-year-old said farmer David Scott was allowing shooters to kill deer in full view of dozens of walkers who were enjoying the sunny weather on the popular walking path which runs near to the farm.

She said: “We were driving near to the farm track when we noticed a lot of walkers had stopped and were looking at something on the farm.

“I got out of the car to have a look when I saw a deer getting shot – we were absolutely horrified as the animal was obviiously suffering as it fell to the ground and thrashed about.

“My daughter saw everything and she was really distressed and started crying.

“I am absolutely disgusted that the gentleman was able to shoot the deer in full view of the public in broad daylight.”

Following the Good Friday incident the full-time mum has called for special designated area’s for shooters away from public area’s.

She said: “The farmer had given permission to the men to shoot on his land but they shouldn’t have been doing in full view of children and families.

“It was horrific and irresponsible and they should have been more careful. A lot of people are animal lovers and for them to come into the area on a day out and have to witness this is just disgusting.”

David Kenyon, of the British Deer Society, said conducting deer culling in full view of the public was bad practice.

He said: “Whilst the gentleman has not broken any laws he should have had more consideration for the public.”

Mr Scott was not available for comment.


One Reply to “Mum’s anger as deer shot in Ribble Valley”

  1. Well this just shows the mentality of these wicked evil shooters they are a disgrace to the human race. The farmer (who surprise surprise is not available for comment)David Scott and the hunters should all be prosecuted, the child that saw this happen could be damaged for life after seeing such a disgusting act of cruelty. Also apparently the deer was not killed outright and suffered a lot of pain which makes it even worse, I hope something is being done about this dreadfull act of cruelty.

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