The Truth About Hoghton Tower

Ducks shoot for fun at Hoghton Tower

Hoghton Tower, near Blackburn

Hoghton Tower may seem like a peaceful family attraction, but it hides a darker secret. Once they close their doors to the public thousands of ducks and pheasants are used as live targets for shooting practice.

Animal welfare groups are campaigning peacefully to make the public aware of the death sentence hanging over thousands of birds at Hoghton Tower each year.

Hoghton Tower Campaign
The campaign against bloodsports at Hoghton Tower has always been, and will always remain peaceful even in the face of threats and violence.

How You Can Help:
Boycott Hoghton Tower and let your friends and family know the cruel reality behind the family-friendly facade. Politely let Hoghton Tower know your views at:

During the shooting season we’ll have a hotline number for locals to notify us if the shoot is taking place on a Saturday.

Hoghton Tower Protests
Due to a threat made at a peaceful demonstration in April 2007 we took the decision to suspend protests at Hoghton Tower. Despite this some of our supporters have still suffered harassment, some of which was reported in the national ‘Guardian’ newspaper.

However in light on the continued slaughter of wildlife at Hoghton Tower we are now resuming our demonstrations.

Our campaign is stilled focussed on obtaining further video footage of duck and pheasant shooting. We’ll then use the film in every legitimate way possible, as a contribution towards exposing the cruel sports of Hoghton Tower.

Some supporters will wonder why many articles, including some that have appeared in the press, are not presented here. Quite simply we wanted the public to see the reality of Hoghton Tower and especially what the ducks and pheasants suffer, anything else is a distraction. However the members’ section of the website contains all the missing stories and more.

We would like to thank the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association, the North West League Against Cruel Sports and North West Animal Welfare for their kind permission to use their videos and photographic footage.


One Reply to “The Truth About Hoghton Tower”

  1. This is so disgusting the people are pure evil this sort of cruelty really needs to be reported on the National News so many people have no idea that this sort of thing is going on. Also I thought the shooting season ended on 1st February are these people breaking the law????????

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