No return to cruelty

Warning: some viewers may find these images distressing.

Don’t let politicians bring back cruelty.


One Reply to “No return to cruelty”

  1. These evil bastards that go hunting want stringing up they are the most evil people on this planet. Even though hunting with packs of dogs is illegal they are still doing it, some under the pretence they are drag hunting. Do you honestly think that people who are so cruel would drag hunt I don’t think so. When they brought in the hunting ban it should have been more a complete ban as you can hunt with two dogs to flush out an animal and then it has to be shot well to me that is far from acceptable and how do we know these evil people are sticking to the law they think they are above the law these cretins. Mind you some of the law do hunt judges police etc. Thank goodness for the LACS they have managed to prodecute a lot of evil hunt people for illegal hunting. They really are the most nasty people on the planet you should see how they react to being monitored they hit people with their crops and very very foul mouthed just shows what low life they really are. I hate these people with a vengence

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