No mercy shown in callous slaughter of animal loved by the public

At 11.30 am on Saturday 6 February 2010, over 130 nationally scarce hares on the Raveningham Estate (Norfolk) were happily basking in the winter sunshine. By 2 pm they had been laid out cold for display on the patio of the Old Granary Studio barn, (more often used for wedding functions and other happy occasions).

The shooters and beaters were inside, laughing, joking and stuffing their faces at a long table.  When vocal condemnation was heard, these poor creatures were hurriedly slung into the back of a Land Rover and quickly driven away. Their ears and feet were seen by onlookers poking skyward.

Please complain about this disgusting event to:

Raveningham Estate
The Estate Office
NR14 6NS

Tel.: 01508 548152


17 Replies to “No mercy shown in callous slaughter of animal loved by the public”

  1. I just cannot understand why some people find it pleasurable to kill animals…to me they must be inadequate in some way trying to prove themselves as big men…oh how small you all are, brave when armed with weapons against something so much smaller than you without a weapon. SICK SICK SICK

  2. I absolutely hate the people who killed the rabbits. I know theres nothing I can do and I feel so helpless against the crime inflicted on thes bunnys. I hope they get whats coming to them soon and fierce and that someone can stop them before its too late

  3. I am so sick to death of these evil people I have sent them an email telling them exactly what I think of them, they are shit and thats being polite. This killing of these beautifull hares is an absolute disgrace these evil people can’t shoot pheasants now as the season has ended so they turn the guns on defenceless hares what bastards they are. I have told them I hope they all suffer horendous pain in their lives they are just pure evil. I hate them all with a vengence.

  4. This cruelty is very sick and sad. Why can’t humans leave God’s creatures alone to live in peace.? This earth is meant for all of us to share. These murderers have terrible karma coming to them, in this life or the next.

  5. And they did this because….???
    Macho dudes! You know what they say about HUNTERS? That little thing between their legs doesn’t do what it is supposed to do so they HUNT! These stupid idiots are incapable of any humane feelings, they lack live brain cells so they can’t connect with reality. To put it very bluntly, THESE ARE SOME OF THE MOST USELESS IDIOTS EVER ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!

  6. This is just plain cruelty,to kill so many for entertainment,disgusts me,you should be ashamed of yourselves,please tell me why….oh because you can something like that….or your way of having fun….UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

  7. I can only cling to the belief that God has an appropriate, eternal retribution in store for those who would so senselessly slaughter ANY of these gracious creatures – our fellow planetary inhabitants (who so graciously share their world with “mankind” – the quintessential oxymoron, if ever there was).

    The arrogance of our species – in considering itself supreme among all life here – is unbelievably ignorant!

    Perhaps revisiting Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone episode #88 “TO SERVE MAN” is in order.. as a “less-than-subtle” nod to what should await these perpetrators:

  8. This is appalling and disgraceful. For no purpose other than the callous fun of people who have no humanity or moral fiber. The day will come when you stand in judgement for your reprehensible disregard of all of God’s creatures and you will be found wanting.

  9. Yep, single-celled life forms with no dicks, that’s what they are. These hairy creeps sit around boozing and bragging about how many they killed and how the poor animals screamed and jumped in the air in agony, laughing at their suffering and patting each other on the back for having such ‘great talent’ and power over these tiny defenceless creatures. What gutless wonders.
    If there’s any culling to be done it should be culling morons who kill animals for sheer blood-lust and pleasure. These Neanderthals belong to the middle ages, not in the 21st century.

  10. That’s disgusting – what sort of people would do this?

    I guess the answer is obvious – the chinless-wonder, if-it-moves-shoot-it-brigade ,obviously lacking in certain vital elements of human development, to derive such pleasure from such depravity.

    Sad and sickening – just goes to show that having money has little to do with having true class!

  11. They left rabbrit free the area. They don’t care about hurting or killing them it is just ‘fun’ for them, I still don’t understand the feeling it just saddens me that they kill the innocent. They hunt any animal big or small, by the dozens, just don’t care, they pay, they get it, sick to the max. The ones who receive the money are as sick or more.

  12. so sad and so cowardly…..these men feel like they are so machismo, they are only cowards, and will always be. OMG.. rabbits, so stupid, and ignorant.

  13. The picture is not at the Old Granary Studio which is indeed a happy business and an independent concern about three miles away from the likely barn. I have informed NWHS about the incorrect caption.

  14. These people are scum I thought hares were a protected species. I have phoned the number and no reply so I have left them a message telling them exactly what I think of murdering bastards like them. I am now going to email them as well and also I shall write a letter by snail mail. I am forwarding this on to many of my animal rights friends who will also do all these things, this scum should NOT be allowed to get away with this disgusting behaviour.

  15. PS I do no this was two years ago but it does not do any harm to remind these evil bastards what scum they are and more letters phone calls and emails now will show them that we the decent people of this world will not put up with this indiscrimanate murder of innocent animals.

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