Birkenhead greyhound trainer Ian Street admits animal cruelty charges

A GREYHOUND racing trainer faces jail after inflicting “terrible suffering” on nearly 30 dogs.

Ian Street, 49, had 29 greyhounds confiscated when his premises were raided last April.

Of those, eleven were in such a state that animal welfare charges were brought against him by Wirral Council.

Street, of Bedford Avenue, Birkenhead, leant on the dock at Wirral Magistrate’s Court as the animals’ misery was detailed yesterday.

Kenneth Abraham, prosecuting, described the scene at Hillcroft Farm, Frankby Road, Frankby, where the dogs were kept.

He told the court: “A greyhound called Dancer had gingivitis and scabs on her feet.

“Tex had complete hair loss on his back half and scabs on his ears.

“Sal had thinning hair and redness to her skin.

“The vet who examined the dogs confirmed these were all illnesses that would have been spotted by a responsible dog owner who would have sought appropriate advice.”

After Street admitted failing to protect the animals from pain, suffering, injury and disease, chairwoman of the bench Linda Tragen warned him: “It is up to you to co-operate with the probation service on a pre-sentence report which may include a community penalty or indeed custody.”

He was also ordered not to give away any animals he was keeping at other properties and to make them available for inspection.

Ann Downey, enforcement officer with Wirral Council environmental health team, said: “This was a particularly difficult case to investigate because of the number of animals involved and the level of suffering we witnessed.

“We are pleased that the hard work that had gone into preparing and presenting the evidence has paid off with the guilty plea.

“The conditions in which these greyhounds were kept were simply not acceptable and it’s clear that a number of them suffered terribly as a result of his neglect.

“Mercifully all of the dogs have now fully recovered and have all found new homes as a result of the efforts of Greyhound Rescue West of England, whose hard work and assistance has been invaluable throughout.”

Street’s sentencing was adjourned until February 15.


3 Replies to “Birkenhead greyhound trainer Ian Street admits animal cruelty charges”

  1. This evil person should be whipped I would offer to do the job myself. He also wants locking up for a very very long time or let us animal rights people sort him out oh how lovely that would be knee capping for a start.

    1. If what Adam says is true this man should be put in prison, I will report this to the RSPCA and other animal rights groups I am involved in. It is time Greyhound racing was abolished its a disgusting so called sport!!!!!!!! I have two rescue greyhounds along with other animals one of my Greyhounds was dumped and was in a dreadfull state when she came to me, she was thin had cigerette burns on her body and was terrified, it took months to gain her confidence, now 5 years on she is a beautifull confident dog, still bit nervous of strangers especially men. What these greyhounds go through is a disgrace after their racing days are over they are ‘got rid of’. Anybody involved in this either owner trainer or punter are a disgrace and should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. ADAM REPORT THIS THIS BASTARD AND SO WILL I.

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