Blackburn dog fighter loses appeal

A CONVICTED dog fighter from Blackburn will spend Christmas in jail after he lost his appeal against sentence in a case brought by the RSPCA.

Aftab Razzaq, 25, admitted goading and fighting his pit bull terrier-type dog Benny with a Staffordshire bull terrier belonging to Usman Hussain in public playing fields.

The pair were caught after mobile phone footage of them ‘rolling’ their dogs in broad daylight in Troy Street fields, Blackburn, was handed to police, who then contacted the RSPCA.

Razzaq, of Clinton Street, Blackburn, saw his original sentence upheld when he appeared before Preston Crown Court yesterday.

He was originally sentenced at Blackburn Magistrates’ Court to four months in jail.

Hussain, 22, of St James’s Road, Blackburn, was sentenced to three months in jail.

He did not appeal against his sentence.


One Reply to “Blackburn dog fighter loses appeal”

  1. These two idiots should have been jailed for 4 years never mind 4 months also thrown out of this Country when released they are obviously foreign we have enough bad english people without foreigners as well. Pity the dogs didn’t turn on them and rip them to shreds its what they deserve.

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