Family Dog Shot and Killed by Gamekeeper

A 16 October 2009 report in the Bridgenorth Journal described how a much-loved family dog was shot by a gamekeeper when he was alleged to be worrying game birds. According to the owner, the West Mercia police took no action and justified the shooting as the protection of ‘livestock’.

Released game birds are not livestock. They are classed as wild game by the law and, perversely, that allows them to be killed and wounded for ‘sport’. Protected animals (those who are under the care of man) may not be subjected to the same unnecessary cruelty under the terms of the 2006 Animal Welfare Act.

Supporters will already know that the game birds are not the only creatures to suffer as a result of this cruel activity. Millions of other wild animals, labelled as vermin by gamekeepers, are persecuted both legally and illegally.

But we also want to highlight the plight of companion animals who get in the way of rearing and releasing game for so called ‘sport’. We also want to learn of incidents where the police have failed to take appropriate action or made unusual interpretations of law.

Readers are requested to contact Animal Aid with information about dogs, cats and other family animals who are shot, snared, poisoned or caught in traps. Your account should include the date and place the incident occurred, as well as your name and telephone number, which will remain confidential unless permission to disclose is given. Photographs and veterinary opinion are also valuable as supporting evidence. Please contact Animal Aid ( using the subject title: ‘pets and shooting’.


3 Replies to “Family Dog Shot and Killed by Gamekeeper”

  1. Can you please help publicise two petitions on the government website.

    There are currently two petitions on the No. 10 Petition the Prime Minister site which ask for a ban on the use of bolt guns on domestic pets.

    You can only sign these petitions if you either live in the UK or are an exp-pat.

    Please sign and/or pass on if you are able to as we need a minimum of 200 signatures to trigger a response from the Prime Minister. Thank you.

  2. While it is true that gamebirds are not classed as livestock when in the wild,while they are in the confine of a pen or other enclosure they can be classed as livestock.I am a dog lover and although i do not condone the shooting of dogs in anything but the most extreme circumstances i.e dog attacking a person,this is what the law says.

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