Hunting’s reply no surprise

So, the hunting fraternity are incensed by the cruelty-free chain Lush lending their support to the Hunt Saboteurs Association.

And how do the hunting fraternity respond? As always with intimidation. Some of the shops throughout the UK had displays of anti-hunting posters and leaflets knocked down, members of staff verbally abused and front of shop windows smashed. This comes as no surprise to those of us go out week-in and week-out against the hunts.

Before the season started the Countryside Alliance warned their supporters to remain calm in the face of provocation, as they think the Conservatives are going to gain power, and they are in sniffing distance of the Hunting Act being repealed.

Well, it seems they are well off message. Up here in Cumbria more people are wanting to come out and join us up in the hills, as they feel the democratic system as let them down, by allowing the hunts to flout the law.

So as long as they try to make the act unworkable, we will be out with video cameras, and also ready to intervene on behalf of the hunted animal, if need be.

Cumbrian Hunt Saboteurs


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