The hunts are still at it…and so are we

At Lush, we’re on the side of the foxes, which is why we are proud to launch our latest campaign against illegal fox hunting.

We let out a sigh of relief in 2004 when Parliament finally reacted to the will of the people and passed the Hunting Act, which outlawed the chasing and killing of foxes with packs of dogs. To this day, a whopping 75% of the population want to see hunting with hounds remain a criminal activity.

Unfortunately, the hunts are still at it. Since the Hunting Act came into force in 2005 there has been widespread breaking of the law by foxhunts. In Britain, mounted hunts continue to terrorise wildlife. Police are not making enforcement a priority, so for the hunts, it’s business as usual. This is why our friends at the Hunt Saboteurs Association are needed now more than ever.

The Hunt Saboteurs Association, run by unpaid volunteers, bravely use non-violent means to protect hunted animals. They film hunts breaking the law and give police the evidence. But most importantly, the hunt sabs take direct action to hunt sabs association save animals in danger: they use hunting horns to call the hounds away, or cover a fox’s scent with a harmless spray of citronella essential oil. Since they started over 40 years ago they have saved thousands of foxes, deer, hares, mink, otters and game birds.

The hunt sabs tell us that as long as the law is not enforced through the courts, they will be out on the fields of Britain. They don’t want to be there, but nobody else is doing the job. It is disgraceful that the Hunt Saboteurs Association, a volunteer organisation, are obliged to enforce a law passed not just by a majority in Parliament, but with overwhelming support from the public.

We’ve asked around, and it seems most people believe that hunting with hounds stopped when it was made illegal. Sadly this is not the case and we believe people have a right to know. So please, during the week of October 12th visit your local Lush shop, sign a post card to your Chief Constable, asking them to get behind the Hunting Act and make its enforcement a priority, buy a Fabulous Mrs Fox Bubble Bar and help spread the word.

FABULOUS MRS FOX BUBBLE BAR; 100% of the proceeds (minus VAT) go to the Hunt Saboteurs Association.

This Bubble Bar, which was dreamed up by a group of our shop managers, is made with a selection of English plants fabulous Mrs fox

like peppermint and angelica root to celebrate the great British countryside. 100% of the proceeds go to the Hunt Saboteurs Association who are all about protecting our wildlife. It’s a limited edition and we’ll be selling it until Boxing Day.


Under the Hunting Act it is OK to go out into the countryside with horses and a pack of hounds, but it is illegal to use those hounds to chase and kill wildlife.

While many people have been prosecuted under the new law, most hunts quickly realised that they can continue to hunt foxes under the cloak of so-called “trail hunting”, where hounds are let loose in the country to follow a pre-laid fox scent. Inevitably, the hounds pick up the scent of a real fox, which results in the poor animal being chased for hours and then ripped to pieces. Hunters claim these “accidents” are not against the law, and usually police don’t collect evidence or prosecute the hunts. In the opinion of experienced hunt sabs and monitors around the country, trail hunting is just a front for illegal foxhunting. If police got more involved in enforcing the act, and if Parliament made it clear that these “accidents” were unacceptable, a lot fewer animals would suffer.

Even before the ban came into effect, a reported 50,000 hunt members and supporters publicly signed a declaration saying they would break the law if their blood sport was ever banned, so widespread flouting of the law is not surprising.


• The fox population regulates itself based on territory and food availability, and they play an important part in the ecosystem. Scientific reports indicate that hunting with hounds plays an ‘insignificant’ role in controlling fox numbers.

• Foxes will run from a pack of hounds until they are beyond exhaustion. This terrifying chase can last for hours. Hounds are bred for stamina, so they eventually catch up with the fox, and the end is horrible.

• When hounds are no longer useful to the hunt, they are usually killed and their bodies sometimes get fed back to the pack.


One Reply to “The hunts are still at it…and so are we”

  1. please can you advise me on who will help me to stop or hinder the hunt in my area. me and my neigbours dont want this years foxes to be killed as with other years as we have enjoyed watching the cubs playing in the fields and want to save them from the hunt. each year i try to obstruct the hunt by walking my dogs where i know they want to be but they still manage to make a kill each year. the police will not help saying that it is legel to exercise hounds on horse back and sometimes acidents will happen. but i have watched the hunt and they are nt doing anything by accident. please help they have been here once this year but the main hunt here is the 2nd thurs. in feb ive got to do somethig by then

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