Decapitated dog found by walker

A beheaded dog was dumped in a suitcase yards from homes amid claims that it had been made to fight to the death.

Dog walkers made the gruesome discovery after smelling a foul stench coming from a suitcase in woods close to Dunoon Close, in Ingol, Preston.

Using a stick, they opened the case, which had been dumped in a ditch, to find a decomposing, headless dog.

They contacted Coun Peter Pringle, who photographed it before contacting the police.

The Lancashire Evening Post has the pictures but has decided they are too gruesome to publish.

Coun Pringle said: “They had sawn its head off and the reason for that is the chips. If they chop the head off it cannot be traced.

“The police came up, they said it could be linked to dog fighting.
“I was horrified, it stank to high heaven.

“It is unbelievable I do not know how to describe them. They are just callous yobs.”

The discovery was made on August 18 and Lorraine Holden, of Preston Action for Animals, believes dog fighting is slipping under the radar.
She said: “I do think there is certainly dog fighting going on that the police and people do not know about.

“It is absolutely cruel and the laws should be changed so that people get longer sentences as a greater deterrent. They are beyond the pale; they are cruel human beings.

“They (dogs) suffer so much pain and they have never known human kindness.

“It is from centuries gone by which makes you think human nature has not changed much.

“It is like badger baiting and cock fighting; they get enjoyment out of seeing animals suffer.”

In September 2007 Majid Mushtaq, of Fletcher Road, Preston, was found guilty of attending one of the largest dog fights ever uncovered by the RSPCA.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed the incident had been reported and they attended the scene.

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