Wales Against Animal Cruelty

Welcome to our site – we are dedicated to campaigning against all forms of animal abuse.
Wales Against Animal Cruelty aim to raise awareness in relation to many aspects of animal cruelty – including bloodsports, badger culling, intensive factory farming, live exports and religious slaughter. We also campaign against the use of animals for entertainment in the form of circus etc. – and the horrific barbarity of bull fighting.

Our Mission

Our aim is to raise awareness on animal cruelty issues and WAAC is dedicated to ending the institutional exploitation and abuse of animals by defending their rights and welfare.

We believe that if people knew the extent to which animals are forced to suffer through legalised cruelty, most would adopt a more compassionate lifestyle. Whether it’s abuse by the meat trade, for fur and leather products, animal testing, patronising animal circuses, or blood-sports – there would be no going back to cruelty and the world would be a far better place to live.

We also believe that showing compassion for animals is an important step towards a more civilised society. Studies have repeatedly shown that people who purposely harm animals are more likely to deliberately harm other humans.


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