Fight victim dog found in bushes

The body of a dog, thought to have been used in a fight, has been found in two bin bags in Greater Manchester.

The RSPCA said the dead male bull terrier-type was found in Henshaw Street, Oldham, under bushes.

An investigation is under way and animal welfare officers are trying to track down its owners.

RSPCA inspector Susie Micallef said: “We are very concerned, given the external injuries he’s sustained, that he’s been used for fighting.”

The dog had puncture wounds, scratches and scrapes on his face, legs and body.

‘Barbaric sport’

He was tan with white markings on his chest, feet and the tip of his tail. The dog did not have a collar on and was not micro-chipped.

“We want to hear from anyone who recognises his description and has any specific information that might help us trace his owner as soon as possible, ” said Ms Micallef.

“Dog fighting is a barbaric ‘sport’, which has been banned in the UK for over 150 years.

“Unfortunately, it still continues in some sectors of society but where we find evidence of it we do everything we can to bring those responsible before the courts.”


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