Hunt shatters peaceful idyll

The peaceful idyll that is normally Upper Godney was, on Saturday, shattered by the unbelievable behaviour of the local “hunt” who drove a pack of large lurcher-type dogs through the Sheppey river and into my garden and orchard, devastating wildlife and free-range fowl alike.

Needless to say, I have suffered losses – including a rare duck.

This stretch of river is abundant in kingfisher activity, and there have recently been otter sightings. Today – nothing. No kingfishers, no otters, just silence.

My anguished cries for restraint were met solely with laughter and sniggers. No explanations, no apologies.

I fail to comprehend why this type of unintelligent, uncivilised behaviour still persists and why, were I to venture unannounced onto landowners’ fields with dog in hand, I would no doubt face prosecution and the possibility of my dog being destroyed.

I really would appreciate an explanation as to why this behaviour is still deemed acceptable.

Kim King

Upper Godney


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