Hunt supporter fined

Hunt supporter Benjamin James Elliot was ordered to pay £1,065 in fines and costs yesterday after magistrates watched 30 minutes of film footage showing him using his Land Rover to stop a hunt monitor’s car travelling freely on a Dorset road.

The prosecution told magistrates at Blandford that Elliot’s manner of driving was “designed to intimidate and harass”.

But, oddly, it was Elliot, 21, who ensured that the court could watch the evidence. Court officials were unable to make the images appear on a laptop screen, and the defendant leant a hand to sort the problem out.

He admitted driving without reasonable consideration and causing a highway obstruction.

Barry Baines, prosecution, told how Elliot, of The Stables, Winterbourne Came, used a blue Land Rover to help “box in” Helen Weeks and Graham Forsyth’s car as they attempted to monitor the Cattistock Hunt near Abbotsbury on November 1 last year.

Imposing a fine of £400 on each offence and a total of six penalty points, chairman of the court, Mike Davis told him his actions were premeditated and he had plenty of time to stop.


One Reply to “Hunt supporter fined”

  1. B J Elliott what an idiot, glad he got fined pity did’t go to prison as well, all hunt supporters should be locked up they are the dregs of society. If these idiots would keep within the law these sort of things would not happen, but because hunt supporters cannot be trusted they have to be kept an eye on all the time which of course they hate as they cannot get up to what they would if not being monitored. They are nasty cruel irresponsible prats.

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