Hunt master in court over assault claim

Hunt Master Gary Watchman
Hunt Master Gary Watchman

A hunt master from Durham will appear in court today after being charged with assaulting two female hunt monitors.

LACS monitors Lynne Edwards and Hazel Greaves were monitoring the South Durham Hunt on 28 February 2009 when the attack by Gary Watchman is alleged to have taken place.

Watchman will appear at Sedgefield Magistrates Court, in Newton Aycliffe following claims he hit both women with his whip while trying to stop them filming his hunts activities.

This latest case follows the recent jailing of Christopher Marles of the East Devon Hunt who was sentenced to six months behind bars for a similar assault.

League Chief Executive Douglas Batchelor said: “Violence should not be tolerated in any sector of society and this is just another example of hunters believing themselves to be above the law.”

“Unfortunately monitors, who give up their time to assist the police, are being subjected to bullying and intimidating behaviour by hunters and we are grateful this behaviour is being taken seriously by the police. No-one would tolerate attacks on Neighbourhood Watch members, and nor should we when it comes to hunt monitors.”


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