Man charged with shooting badger

A man was today charged with shooting a badger dead after one of the protected creatures was found with a bullet wound last year.

Michael Pierce, 57, is charged with two offences under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 – killing a badger and using a firearm to kill a badger.

Pierce was held after a badger was discovered shot dead on land in Towendack, St Ives, Cornwall, on 23 September 2008.

The Cornwall Badger Rescue and Brock Badger Group learned about the dead animal and informed Devon and Cornwall police.

Police Wildlife Protection Officer Sergeant Simon Dobson went to the scene and the badger was taken for a post-mortem examination.

A vet confirmed the badger had been shot and a bullet was recovered as evidence.

It is believed the badger was killed sometime between 8pm on 22 September and 8.30am on 23 September 2008.

Under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 it is a criminal offence for anyone to wilfully kill a badger. The crime carries a maximum prison sentence of six months.

Pierce, from St Ives, has been bailed to appear before West Cornwall magistrates court on 30 June.


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