Dog fighting pit bull owner avoids jail

The owner of an illegal pit bull terrier used in dog fighting and left without veterinary treatment has escaped being locked up.

Mohammed Fedar swaggered out of West Bromwich Magistrates Court and posed gangster style for photographs after getting a 20-week sentence suspended for 12 months. Fedar, aged 20, of Westfield Road, Smethwick, was banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

He must also do 250 hours of unpaid work after admitting possessing an illegal dog and causing unnecessary suffering.

Magistrates also ordered destruction of the dog – kept in RSPCA kennels since Fedar’s arrest. RSPCA officers seized the two-year-old pit bull at a house in Westfield Road near Fedar’s home in December 2006.

The dog, on a five-ft chain in the back garden, had 69 separate wounds caused by fighting with punctures to his mouth and ears and blood around his nose. There were inch-long infected gashes to his legs with wounds ranging from two days to weeks old.

Mr Nick Sutton, prosecuting, said: “This dog was starving and living in squalor.

“It had been used in dog fighting, these injuries could only have been caused by another dog. He quite clearly needed to see a vet. This was a dreadful and sustained cruelty over a period of time.”

He said Fedar saying he found the dog in the park and tried to rescue it “wholly inadequate”. Mr Matthew Hall, defending, said: “My client saw the dog in the park and felt sorry for it.

“He was trying to help it but had never had a dog before and was perhaps naive.

“He only had it for three or four days and he is against dog fighting, he says his religion looks down on it.

“When the dog was taken to the vet by the RSPCA he was a happy chappie.”

Presiding magistrate Mr Keith Barnfield said: “We find this offence so serious only custody can be justified. However we will suspend it for a period of 12 months.”

Unemployed Fedar must pay £500 toward court costs. Afterwards RSPCA inspector Chris Heyworth said he had no doubt the dog was used for fighting.

“Dog fighting is rife in this area,” he said.


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