Anger as hunting dogs run into home

A VILLAGER is furious after two hunting hounds ran into his home during a meet, he claims.

Frank Holcombe, 49, of The Crescent in Swayfield, says he was shocked at the actions of about 20 hounds running through the village on Thursday, las tweek

At about 1.30pm Mr Holcombe was carrying out DIY to his home when he says he first heard a commotion outside.
He went to investigate the noise and found a pack of hounds wunning with the Cottesmore Hunt.

Mr Holcombe, a cabinet and furniture maker, said: “The hunting dogs came through the village and were completely out of control.

“There was a pack of about 20 waist-high hounds – they were scattered across the village, rampaging and barging through my neighbours’ hedges.”

Moments later Mr Holcombe says he found two dogs in his house. He said: “They entered through the patio doors lathered-up in mud. I managed to usher them out the house and they went off.”

Mr Holcombe says he spoke to someone on the hunt immediately afterwards to express his disgust and was told the hunters had laid a drag scent which had gone off line.

But Mr Holcombe is not satisfied with the explanation. He said: “We’ve got three cats and it is a wonder none of them were killed.
“This should be re-dressed and there should be some responsibility. In the future, inadvertently is a child going to be injured?”

Jane Knight, who led the Cottesmore Hunt on the day, said she had been to visit Mr Holcombe to try and allay concerns. She said: “We are looking at ways of improving communications and in the future we will try and talk to people about the hunts. We hope this issue can be put to rest.”

Superintendent Kieran English, of Lincolnshire Police, said a call about the hunt had been received but no action was taken. He said: “The police do understand residents’ concerns about the disturbance the hunt can cause and recommend the hunt master is contacted to raise concerns directly.”


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